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Them Short Film Review


Directed by #RobinLochmann

Written by #RobinLochmann


Film Poster for Them

Them is an animated film from the incredibly talented Robin Lochmann. The story focuses on depicting abuse of power in totalitarian societies, in a way that anyone can understand. In a black and white world just the striking visual of a gold person is enough to make everyone want to follow suit, but as we know from James Bond’s Goldfinger, it’s not a good idea. As we are well aware, in the real world, once one dangerous person is put in charge, people will follow and violence is sure to ensue.

The cinematography for this film was done by Mika Ceron and is on another level. Right from the opening few seconds we are introduced to this black, white and grey almost war torn world but with a rich golden river running through. Every part of this film could be easily put on a canvas and hung on a wall. The design of the animation is incredibly unique. We follow these faceless people but yet we feel every emotion, you get a real sense of the amount of work that has gone into this film from the amount of detail in every scene, for example every house we see is dilapidated and looks well lived in.

As the characters speak in an unrecognisable ‘language’, the music has a lot of work to do. Thomas Moked Blum’s stunning score rises to this challenge and perfectly sets the tone for the film. It is used amazingly in the battle scenes and the sound design makes you feel every blow. Everyone who was part of this project really pulls their weight. I can’t wait to see what they all do next.

The film grapples with issues such as racism, dictatorship and war. There are so many messages packed into this film and that’s why it hits you as hard as it does. I think twenty people watching this film in a room would all come away with a different view about its meaning and that’s what makes great art.

Lochmann delivers a beautiful film and a type of short that I have never seen before. Directing, writing and producing; he has proven himself to be someone to watch. I can’t wait to see what he does next. If you get a chance to watch this film I would highly recommend you take it. The most important message I take away from this film is that inside, we are all the same.



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