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The Ghost and Me short film review


Directed by: Rinoshun

Written by: Rinoshun

Starring: Jerin George

Poster for The Ghost and Me showing person wearing sheet.
Poster for The Ghost and Me

A ghost story. A spooky and thought-provoking film about the relationship between a living person and a dead person.

A single man grew up with the habit of writing letters to God whenever he felt down. One day, he wrote a letter wishing for a ghost, in order to keep him company and his wish became true. Now, he lives inside his apartment with the spirit, who claims to have a name, which is Yamini. The man cannot see his unusual flatmate. Yamini communicates by moving a coin over letters written on a piece of paper (kind of like a Ouija board). The ghost has the ability to move objects around and therefore could be categorized as a poltergeist. As time goes by, the two flatmates get to know each other and develop a rapport.

This supernatural tale is based on a story by Paul Melio and its original title is Peyum Nannum. The main focus is the relationship between the man and the ghost. They have their ups and downs but generally, they appear to like and respect each other. Yamini seems to be a bit mischievous and puts on loud music in the middle of the night. The man is Things turn dramatic after the man becomes ill and proceeds to gradually lose his hearing.

The entire narrative takes place inside the apartment and the man is the only person seen in the film. The lighting in the apartment is quite limited, creating a dark atmosphere.

George is convincing as a well-meaning individual who wants someone to keep him company and it is interesting watching him communicate with an invisible entity and also putting on a white sheet and dancing, in a way becoming a ghost himself.

The score is one of the film's strongest aspects. It is kind of creepy but also beautiful at the same time, creating a mood that is frightening but also emotional and mesmerizing.

James Kannanthara is responsible for the visual effects, which look great, especially when the spirit briefly becomes visible and shows its true form. The filmmakers also make very effective use of lighting techniques.

Rinoshun has made an atmospheric ghost story whose intention does not seem to be to scare the viewer, but rather to provide them with an experience that deals with loneliness and isolation and the suggestion that people need others into their lives.



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