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The End Of Everything As You Knew It. A Guide

Review by Amaliah Sara Marmon-Halm

Set in an almost fantastical version of London, Jade, a well-off girl from a classic London upbringing tries to escape the world she knew in order to explore her darkest dreams, fantasies and instincts, all in search for a new level of ultra-violent behaviour.

Set over eight segments of poetry created to question the imposed roles set by society, Jade (Alice Wahtel) and her band of loyal eccentrics transport the viewer to a highly dangerous and mystical reality, full of magic potions (drugs and narcotics), sadistic sexual and psychological behaviour and very dark undertones, all wrapped up in a fifteen minute package. With each segment, Jade slowly slips deeper into the dark and sordid corners of society, where the lines of enjoyment, morality and death blur increasingly. She not only challenges her boundaries but the boundaries set by those around her.

With a background in visual arts and fashion, Christian Neuman wanted to make this film, and others he has made like it, as visually complex as possible. As a result, he has created something that challenges the classic narrative structures. What Neuman has created with film is a piece that makes you sit on the edge of your seat in shock, whilst at the same time it draws you in with how aesthetically pleasing it is to watch.

At times seems more like an elaborate fashion shoot than a film, overall this is poetic and gripping venture into the dark corners of the mind and society will leave you wanting to explore this world for yourself.

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