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Start Over short film review


Directed by: #AlasdairBraxton

Short Film Review by: #RachelPullen


Start Over music video review
Start Over music video review

Alright gang, its that time again, it’s music video time, it's been a while since we have swam around in the fishy plastic filled waters of the music video reviews, so don your trunks, or Speedo, if that’s how you choose to live your life and lets dip a toe into Alasdair Braxton’s music video Start Over.

We are not here to talk about the music itself but to set the scene it’s a nice little ditty of the drum and bass variety. When we think of club beats, we think of the typical music video of that genre: set out on a beach in Ibiza with well tanned ladies offering buff dudes multi coloured drinks off a silver tray, and them some montages of babes driving about in a convertible jeep having a real good time. They are probably just going to Homebase.

Start Over though is a little different, we delve into the journey of a young woman who comes across a heart shaped stone, cool, she could make it to a necklace and sell it on Etsy, but before she can even consider her new craft career, some man with a bat decides that he is going to be mad and chase them for a while...rude.

It seems that this stone possesses some kind of powers maybe, we see flashbacks of failed relationships, intertwined with dance interludes that possess the quality of self love. We see self sacrifice for another, we see the coming together of lovers. Have all these people fingered the stone? Maybe they got one off Etsy to start with.

This music video is as slick as a mother trucker.

No expense has been spared to make a visually professional looking #musicvideo, like something that has walked right off of MTV. All the actors are beautiful, competent within their craft, be it dance, painting, acting, each displays a confidence on screen, adding to its professional appearance.

Structure though is another thing. Maybe it’s me, but after watching the video a few times I struggled to find a clear narrative throughout; people seem to pop up with little to no explanation and then saunter off to Homebase, or the distance, whatever, point being a clear narrative is definitely lacking and even though it does not take away from the viewing pleasure, it can make it a little frustrating.

As a music video this is a superb piece of work, hitting the right shots at the right time, combining crescendos of the music to the most fitting dance sequence of character interaction, well done to all involved in this project and if you ever get bored you can always take the pressure off me and direct my band’s music videos...but be warned my dance style is dad at weddings.



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