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Squirrel Mountain 'Iggy To The Rescue' short film review

Updated: Nov 26, 2020


Directed by: Angelica Campion, Tim Nathan

Written by: Angelica Campion

Starring: Fox Campion-Armstrong, Bayley Blu Frank, Iggy Pop, Johnny Daukes, Angelica Campion


Squirrel Mountain 'Iggy To The Rescue' short film review
Squirrel Mountain 'Iggy To The Rescue' short film review

Oh no! The Evil Egg is up to no good! Who will save the day? Why it will be...Iggy Pop! The American signer!

This short, children's story is a puppet show that takes place in the countryside. The characters consist of humans, animals, a huge, boiled egg (who is the antagonist) and, of course, Iggy Pop (as a doll)!

Time to look at the plot. Twin children Rocket and Stanley learn from Fairy Frosty Flakes that the Evil Egg plans to use chickens to built a wall in order to keep everyone out of Squirrel Mountain! So they seek the help of Iggy Pop, who can stop that from happening by using his frozen peas!

The handmade characters do look great and appealing to children. They are colorful and the human ones have a nice smile on their face! They basically look like toys. The Evil Egg is the only one that looks menacing (kind of), as the face is painted in a way that says 'I am mean!'. The character of Iggy stands out quite a bit, because it resembles the famous signer very much and is even bare-chested, which is often how he performs.

When the characters talk, they shake, which is a clever way of indicating to a child that the speech they hear is coming from them. Strings are also used to move some of the dolls and at certain points, they are visible, but that is hard to notice.

Characters aside, the mise-en-scene looks wonderful! As the story takes place in the countryside, it consists of handmade trees, grass, a mountain, houses, furniture, a nice sky and chicken coops. The surroundings match the characters and are rather uplifting!

This is also a musical and some of the dolls get to sing! Although the singing scenes are brief, they are quite enjoyable and (needless to say) Iggy himself sings too!

All the voice actors do a great job, each of them giving to their character the kind of voice that one would imagine that specific one would have (if they could talk)! It should be pointed out that Daukes does an especially good job with the Evil Egg and Stefan Ashton Frank delivers the narration with enthusiasm! This might come as a surprise, but Iggy Pop voices himself!

There are also brief, but effective sequences of animation.

This short story will most likely be a delight to children! The heroes are likable (with the exception of the Evil Egg), the mood is joyful and the songs are amusing!



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