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REDt'BLUE short documentary review

Updated: Nov 24, 2020


Directed by: Jay Martin

Written by: Jay Martin

Starring: Mick Newton, Cathryn Fletcher, Lee Anderson, Ben Bradley

Poster for REDt'BLUE showing headstocks.
Movie Poster for REDt'BLUE

This short documentary focuses on the town of Mansfield. It analyzes the circumstances that ended nearly a century of Labour rule in the city and caused it to switch to Conservative.

The film covers the town's history and politics, giving special acknowledgement to the mines, as they have played a significant part to its history, because many generations of families have worked there. It culminates in the historical change in the town's politics, when in 2017 Ben Bradley became its first ever Conservative MP.

The documentary consists of politicians being interviewed, some of which have themselves worked in the mines. They share their experiences about working there, how the mines are part of Mansfield's heritage, what life there used to be like and how they feel about the fact that it has now changed to Conservative. There is also old footage that shows politicians, significant events, the UK miner's strike of 1984-85, crowds of people protesting and work being done at the mines.

There is also footage from recent years, that covers the elections that led to the town's historic change, Bradley's efforts for support and his subsequent victory.

All the interviewees efficiently share their experiences and knowledge and provide an informative insight into the relevant events. Their voice-overs help the viewer understand the events that they are seeing.

Composer Jack Bennett creates a powerful and mesmerizing score that adds a great deal of strength to this astonishing piece of work!

The title refers to the change that Mansfield went through. The color of the Labour Party is red and the color of the Conservative Party is blue, therefore the change was 'from red to blue'.

REDt'BLUE is a very well made documentary, with wonderful establishing shots and anyone who has an interest in the subject it covers should definitely seek it out.



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