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Miss Pepper short film

Directed by Meosha Bean Starring Meosha Bean Short Film Review by Monica Jowett

Miss Pepper short film

Short thriller film Miss Pepper written and directed by Meosha Bean, who also stars, tells the story of a woman who has to face her inner demons.

Miss Pepper (Meosha Bean) is a famous writer, under pressure to finish her follow-up novel, yet is tormented by demons from her past. The story is simple and easy to follow, yet this short does not keep you on the edge of the seat.

Bean explores some thought-provoking ideas in the movie, as the character frequently touches upon the idea of immortality that young people sometimes possess, and the sadness of growing up as well as other philosophical notions. However these themes don’t feel connected and seem out of place for the short thriller film.

As the only character who appears on screen, Miss Pepper, Bean has a formidable job to carry the short movie herself. Her character is interesting, yet with a lack of on screen dialogue as the majority of the short is narrated by Bean as Miss Pepper, she does not grab your attention and it can be hard to feel sympathy for her. The constant narration also takes you out of the film, and makes you more aware of the little characterisation Miss Pepper has.

Though the film does contain some good cinematography and editing techniques such as black and white colouring, high key lighting and montages, it is easy to see this is a one-woman production, as lighting and other elements do not have a continuous flow. The close-ups of Pepper however do help you to build a connection with the character.

Meosha Bean has done a brave attempt to create a provocative short thriller film, and it will be interesting to see how she progresses with her writing and directing of short and feature length films.

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