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Linda LeThorn & The Music Box short film

Directed by Meg Skaff Starring Andrea Fares, Ashley Peoples, Susan Kirby, & Timothy J. Cox Short Film Review by Monica Jowett

Linda LeThorn & The Music Box

Linda LeThorn & the Music Box is a hypnotic short film from writer and director Meg Skaff. Bizarre and unique, it is difficult to pin down this piece of cinema, but the story and characters work together in an entertaining and compelling way.

Linda LeThorn (Andrea Fares) is an interesting person; she sits all sorts of pets, and talks to her cat. Eccentric, introverted, she is forced to breaking point when she inherits some prized possessions from her Aunt Lucinda (Susan Kirby). Among the collection of items is a music box, which plays by itself and seems to possess Linda as it does so.

What follows are a number of curious events. Linda begins to forget about the usual aspects of her day such as her cat and pet-sitting duties. Instead she dances to the music box, and is constantly reminded of her Aunt Linda. She even begins a ‘Skin Picking Club,’ for people who are interested in wanting to pick at their skin conditions.

At the group Linda meats Geraldine (Ashley Peoples) who turns Linda’s strange relationship with the music box into a love triangle. Geraldine tries to improve Linda’s life, and could succeed but for the magical connection the music box has to Linda. The farcical life Linda leads as though she is in a dream is just one of the many surreal elements to the film.

Writer and director of the short Meg Skaff has turned the film into an application of an eccentric, yet compelling piece only an indie film can be. Using elements of drama, comedy, even the supernatural, and at times simply the bizarre, the viewer is easily sucked into the weird and wonderful things that Linda experiences.

A film that is definitely unforgettable, the taste might not be for everyone, and going in requires an open mind.

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