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KevCoin: The Movie indie film


Directed by: Jason Attar and Danny Wimborne

Written by: Jason Attar, Danny Wimborne and Simon Fairhead

Starring: Jason Attar, Steve Townsend, Tony Townsend, Lollypop, Emilyjane Vernau, Dom Geraghty, Martin Gooch, Lola-Rose Maxwell

Indie Film Review by: Hannah Sayer


KevCoin: The Movie is described by the filmmakers as being “The World’s First Crypto Feature

KevCoin: The Movie indie film

Film”. Shot as a mockumentary, the film parodies the cryptocurrency phenomenon and follows the character Kevin Powder, played by Jason Attar, as he reveals at the opening of the film that he is creating his own version of this currency: KevCoin.

Based on an original short film by Jason Attar and Phil Jones, the film introduces Kevin Powder who is described as having been a music promoter, PR guru as well as an agent. The viewer is given a quick introduction to the eccentric and former rock and roll lifestyle of Kevin Powder and how his life led to him to create the KevCoin as he wanted to make a trillion dollar currency. While watching a Sci-Fi classic from the 50s drunk, Kevin Powder then has his second epiphany. He will make a film within a film, as a camera crew is currently already filming his journey to create the KevCoin. He will then use his cryptocurrency to make his own Sci-Fi film which will be titled “The Day Peckham Stood Still”.

The film makes effective use of styles of direction often found in mockumentary style projects. Kevin Powder often speaks directly to camera and Attar’s performance captures the eccentricities of the character and the situations he often causes while on this eventful and weird creative journey. With a cast predominantly made up of passersby in South London who were approached this provides some interesting interactions between these people who often don’t seem to realise what they have let themselves in for when they are confronted by the character of Kevin Powder. These interactions between the cast and crew members, some who are extremely passionate about being involved within the filmmaking process, are some of the more interesting aspects of the film, which at times may seem so niche and strange to be off-putting to the average viewer.

KevCoin: The Movie both promotes and parodies at the same time, as the filmmakers have used this cryptocurrency to fund the project. The end of KevCoin: The Movie shows Kevin Powder even selling his cryptocurrency KevCoin to cinemagoers after the screening of “The Day Peckham Stood Still”.

For those fairly unfamiliar to the world of cryptocurrency, KevCoin: The Movie may be difficult to fully grasp. It is a bizarre film and one which will surely delight fans in the cryptocurrency community. However, the very concept the film is parodying may mean that some viewers are left feeling slightly lost.


Watch the official movie trailer for KevCoin: The Movie below.



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