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Hameenasto Short Film Review

★★★ Stars

Directed by: #VivashwanChaudhary

This image presents an up close photo of a woman looking distressed, wearing red lipstick and dressed in a wedding gown. Below said photo is the title of the short film in burgundy text - applied in thin, stylish font.

Hameenasto presents the story of two individuals, who were once in love, as they reunite in the afterlife. When alive, they had planned their wedding but on that day a car accident occurred which resulted in the death of one half of the pair, Meryll (Nikita Gama.) The other half, Dilip (Jasmeet Singh,) continued to live his life and found love once again in another, eventually dying at an old age to then be met with the eyes of Meryll after 56 years. As they clash at the seams, telling each other of the hardships they have endured, they come to a conclusion that changes their vision of life itself and the life after death.

The writing, by Vivashwan Chaudhary, is by far the best aspect of this short film. After researching more into what other writings Chaudhary has created, it is obvious that he has a certain talent in this field within filmmaking. The dialogue easily portrays the true emotions of each character, immediately presenting a form of characterisation from the first line of the film. This brilliant dialogue is only made better by the passionate performances given by the cast. I also enjoyed the wonderful sprinkling of humour throughout the film too; a heavy concept is being portrayed so it was quite relieving to let out a laugh at times.

The overall message given within this short is superb. As a person with no religious beliefs and no beliefs of an afterlife, I still found true comfort in its meaning and was still able to take away a valuable piece of knowledge. The fact that I was impacted by the content was a full impact in itself.

“…this is not heaven at all. I feel you have already lived it.”

The film provides a striking sense of ‘carpe diem’ to its audience as the meaning behind the unravelling story can be interpreted as: nothing can be better than the life you live if you can find happiness in your stride, even if you have suffered in the balance. Seize the day!

This short sheds the almighty image that a God has grown to possess by showing him as a normal person; a smile on his face, wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket. This character is played by Vivashwan Chaudhary, once again showing another box of adaptable skill that he holds. By blending in such a ‘high profile’ character with the rest of the characters who do not hold the same status, it gives the audience a piece of reality to grasp on to. Although the film is set in the afterlife, this touch of humanity and familiarity entices viewers as well as assists them in fully understanding and captivating the message that is being given from the screen into the hands of those seated.

The stitching together of the scenes through editing is really attractive to the eye. With the style of editing used for transitioning between scenes, viewers truly feel like they are being pulled into an otherworldly experience with bright lights and no abrupt changes in set – everything is put together incredibly smoothly. The only downfall to the editing is the sound, regarding musical input. Most pieces used seemed out of place within the scenes, providing a weak consistency to the atmosphere trying to shine through. It can be slightly distracting at times but it is not an element that totally lessens the value of the script that is being carried through; the real star of the film.

With a significant message, a dedicated writer, director and cast, as well as very pleasing cinematography by Mandar Parelkar, this short is a delightful watch that will definitely linger on your mind after viewing.



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