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Grimmfest 2019 Film Feature - I See You

Runtime: 97 mins

Directed by: #AdamRandall

Grimmfest Feature by: Darren Tilby



Synopsis: Infidelity has put great strain on the Harper household as Greg, the lead investigator in a child abduction case, struggles to find a way to forgive his wife, Jackie. As Jackie’s guilt slowly gnaws away at her sanity, a malicious presence begins manifesting itself in the household, putting their young son in mortal danger as a cold, hard truth is finally uncovered.

Grimmfest say: Sometimes it’s less about what you see, than how you see it… With its deft shifts in perception, constant wrongfooting of expectation and careful withholding of information, Adam Randall’s fiendishly tricksy thriller is that rarest of things, a genuinely slippery and unpredictable film. Just when you start to think you have a handle on what is going on, there’s a sudden, startling shift in style and direction that takes you back to square one, forcing you to reconsider every single moment up till that point. Featuring a top genre cast including IT’s Owen Teague, Judah Lewis from SUMMER OF ’84, the ever-reliable Jon Tenney, most recently in TRUE DETECTIVE, and Oscar-winner Helen Hunt no less, this is one that will keep you guessing, right to the end.

What I'm Expecting: It's always nice when a film comes along that claims to 'keep you guessing, right to the end'; such films are rare, especially in the horror genre. I See You sounds fairly similar to one of my Grimmfest 2018 favourites, The Witch in the Window: a film that used a supernatural presence as a metaphor for the emotional ambience within the house. It's a wonderfully understated and intelligent way to convey a narrative of family dysfunction, or of figurative (and literal) skeletons in the closet. An eerie, slow-burning paranormal thriller, this is what I’m hoping for.



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