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Grimmfest 2019 Film Feature - Extra Ordinary

Runtime: 94 mins

Grimmfest Feature by: Darren Tilby



Synopsis: Lonely driving instructor Rose is gifted with supernatural abilities, but doesn’t regard them as much of a gift due to constant spirit-related requests from neighbours, to exorcise their possessed rubbish bins or haunted gravel. But when Christian Winter, a washed up, one-hit-wonder rock star, makes a pact with the devil for a return to greatness, Rose has to find the heroine within.

Grimmfest say: A wry but life-affirming tale of believing in yourself – and in ghosts! – this droll Irish comedy-horror, envisions a world in which the supernatural is as real, and as mundane, as its heroine’s problems. And if she could only come to terms with one, she could possibly resolve the other… Filled with deadpan Irish humour, surreal sight gags, sublime silliness, and genre movie parodies galore, and boasting a winning performance from Maeve Higgins as the hapless Rose, and a suitably baroque turn from Will Forte as the outlandish rock failure Christian Winter, this is a real charmer. Don’t let anyone stop you from believing that you have to see it.

What I'm Expecting: Extra Ordinary should be riotously good fun and good-natured movie; staying more around the humorous and absurd than anything too serious. A playful pillory on psychic mediums and the controversy surrounding similar professions wouldn’t go amiss, and I’d expect some suitably over-the-top performances from the marvellous cast. A farcical world: the title itself – Extra Ordinary instead of Extraordinary – suggests this is an existence in which paranormal happenings have become tedious, boring, an inconvenience even; like paying bills, or team-building seminars. Either way, it looks ridiculous...and that's great!


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