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Fuhrer's Fate short film review


Directed by: Tim Lyons

Written by: Tim Lyons

Starring: Andrew McNeill, Paddy Duffy, Stephen Doring, Jack Doyle

Poster for Fuhrer's Fate showing animation.
Poster for Fuhrer's Fate

It is the Second World War and two members of the Allies are on an espionage mission to take down Hitler.

In France in 1945, a German officer named Meyer (McNeill), is sitting comfortably on a chair, inside a large office with guards, waiting for the arrival of Adolf Hitler. Meyer has a special delivery for the dictator. A German superior arrives (Doring), very excited to greet the Fuhrer. As Meyer sits quietly, his superior becomes suspicious and begins to question his identity. Eventually, things get nasty and deadly.

This rather interesting and entertaining short film tells a alternative history story about World War II, resembling Inglourious Basterds. There is betrayal, tension, confrontation and shootings. The atmosphere is serious and also comedic.

The mise-en-scene deserves a lot of praise. The room in which most of the narrative takes place is decorated with Nazi flags and the furniture look like they belong in the forties. The clothing is great, with the military uniforms looking authentic. The weaponry also gives the impression that it belongs in that period and so do the haircuts. There is also a wonderful selection of teapots and teacups.

McNeill delivers a strong performance as a calm, confident, intelligent and determined British spy. Duffy offers good support as Meyer's undercover associate, who is brave but less confident. Doring is outstanding as a member of the German armed forces. He can be joyful and in the blink of an eye can become furious and menacing.

The soundtrack adds significant value. The intense score indicates danger and there are pieces of classical music that are very pleasing to the ear. The sound effects of guns being fired are quite realistic.

The closing credits are terrific. They are animated and depict stills from the film placed into a forties newspaper during a montage. Accompanied by beautiful music, it is a very creative sequence.

This very well made dramedy is a magnificent accomplishment. It is a war film, with great acting, interesting characters, an intruiging plot and believable costumes. It convincingly places the audience into the WWII era and it provides suspense, nail-biting moments, action and humour.




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