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Flesh Is Heir To film review

Updated: Mar 22, 2021


Directed by: Dale Allan Johnson

Written by: Dale Allan Johnson

Starring: Louisa DeButts, Heather Michelle, Brandon J. Shaw, Adam Braunstein, Tim Gauntt

Poster for Flesh Is Heir To showing protagonist.
Poster for Flesh Is Heir To

A young woman begins having visions about a murderer and a rookie detective tries to find him.

Charlie (Michelle) has just qualified as a detective in New York City and is appointed to work with Captain Walker (Braunstein). Initially the two of them do not get along, but end up warming to each other. Cece (DeButts) is a theoretical physicist, who starts experiencing sinister visions that depict a woman being murdered by a man. Eventually Charlie investigates Cece's claims and both women become determined to find the man she sees in her manifestations. Are her visions reliable? Is she just losing her mind?

This neo-noir erotic thriller has an interesting storyline and its fair share of suspense, nudity and scenes of intercourse. It is awkward and silly at times and is not to be taken very seriously, although it is still entertaining to watch.

Michelle has the most interesting role, portraying a determined individual, who is not without a sense of humour and was hardened by her tough upbringing. She believes in herself and never backs down. Braunstein offers good support as her less-confident supervisor and so does DeButts as the woman being plagued by awful visions and gets herself in too deep, in her attempt to find the man who might be a killer.

There are well constructed montage sequences and the film even starts with one that resembles a music video. The filmmakers utilize color and black-and-white cinematography, often switching between them throughout the movie. Although it is not clear why this approach was taken, it is still appealing, making the viewing more pleasing. There are also shot that make effective use of fast motion.

Regarding the music, the soundtrack is rather amusing, consisting of various songs.

Flesh Is Heir To does have its flaws. The acting could had been better and sometimes the dialogue is weird. Nevertheless, the hunt for a killer often makes for an interesting plot and the film does not fail at that.



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