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Dominican Friday the 13th short film review

★★★★★ Directed by: #ManuelPimentel Starring: Manuel Pimentel, Patricia de Santos, Eddie ‘’the produce guy’’, Michele Cobb Short Film Review by: Rachel Pullen


Dominican Friday 13th Movie Review
Dominican Friday 13th Movie Review

Dominican Friday 13th Movie Review

Let’s lay something out on the table, I love, not like, not enjoy, not sometimes consider viewing, no...I love Friday the 13th, and I especially love Jason.

I love his dumb face, wandering about the woods looking for sexy teens who have been having sexy fun, to slay, just cos his mommy said so. What an adorable goof, now I don’t normally date a mommy’s boy, they make me sick, but for Jason, I would make an exception.

Friday the 13th has been a successful franchise, contributing to pop culture since the 80’s, and although we can all agree these films don’t really break any cinematic boundaries or bring spectacular acting or directorial skills, they have been incredibly successful, with a legion of diehard fans...but why?

Easy...because it knows it’s garbage, it’s satire and with that knowledge, it knows that we just want to see people get killed in stupid and unrealistic ways by a stupid and slow moron in a hockey mask...does Jason ever play hockey? Hmmm, I’m gonna Google that, I want to see that....anyway it’s this self-awareness that makes it work, and director Manuel Pimentel picked up on that.

Short film Dominican Friday 13th is the tale of a screenwriter who is putting to paper a traumatic experience he has endured; a weekend away with friends becomes a #horror movie nightmare when they are attacked by my boy Jason...lucky, I would kill to have that oaf come at me.

But like we discussed, Manuel decided to poke a little fun at this horror classic, the characters fall into all the typical horror roles, the desperate guy trying to get a girl, the sexually charged couple dry hump everywhere, and a variety of ladies with ample cleavages run around’s everything we hope for and I’m not complaining.

They goof off by bodies of water, pissing Jason off, he hates water, talk around campfires, pretty sure Jason hates that too, they breathe....that one really gets to Jason, Manuel picks everything we associate with this genre and plays it out before us; we know the outcome, he knows the outcome, Jason is not smart enough to know the word outcome, we have seen it all before, so why not have some fun?

Jason is goofy, dumb and a little more humanised in this short film which is hugely enjoyable. They treat Jason as not a imposing force, but someone that maybe they can outsmart, run from, an interesting addition to any Friday 13th flick, and to Jason’s persona, we have always been given the subtle hint that Jason is a bit dumb, but this short really gives that idea the green light, and with excellent writing and comedic timing, it makes for actual quality laughs. And in a strange way, makes Jason even more enjoyable as a character.

This movie is well shot and camera angles are thought out well, imposing threat and tension when needed, using low level angles to ensure Jason still seems an imposing, giant compared to his victims.

The acting was surprisingly good; each cast member was confident to perform a wide range of emotions. We know sometimes that horror scream can be a bit hammy, but with the constant awareness of satirical humour, it fits perfectly here.

So in conclusion...I tip my hockey mask to Dominican Friday 13th, the fun, quirky, satirical approach made for a refreshing addition to a set of characters we have seen time and time again...and now I’m off to hang around lakes waiting for my dreamboat Jason... #RachelPullen



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