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Constellations: an animated short film

Film Feature by Hannah Sayer

Constellations short film

Little Wallop Films is an independent production company founded by Liverpool based filmmaker Charlie Granby. The main aims of the company are to make films with affordable budgets and to help young filmmakers to produce work which gets seen. They are currently crowdfunding for an ambitious stop-motion animation titled Constellations which follows a love story between two stars.

It is a passion project for the crew involved who are based all over the UK. They have all fallen in love with the story and they want to do everything they can to bring this heart-warming and uplifting tale to life. Rebecca has written and developed the story about the two stars, Cupitor and Lux, who fall in love and have to fight to keep their lights and stay together. The script celebrates love as a force that can conquer all if it is strong enough and that in darkness there is always light to be found.

Five of the seven crew members involved in the Constellations production are women. The team are extremely proud to be working together when considering the film industry’s shocking statistics for women in film. A recent BFI study into Women in UK feature films between 1911-2017 reported that fewer than 1% of films over this time period have crews that are more than 50% female. The director, writer, producer, animator and editor roles are all helmed by women in the Constellations crew. It is important to encourage and support projects with women at the centre when today’s industry representation is still extremely imbalanced. There needs to be a shift in these numbers and hopefully after recent events in Hollywood there will be a shift in the number of women in positions of power on film sets, as even as recent as 2016 it was reported that less than a third of producer credits in British films went to women and even fewer to writers and directors. The Constellations team have taken it into their own hands to raise the money needed for their production themselves and they are determined to get their stop-motion animation off the ground, made and onto screens on the festival circuit and beyond.

The team behind Constellations need to raise a total of £2430 by December 1st. The money raised will go towards making the project, which includes funding the animation software and paying artists and musicians. For more information on the project and how you can donate visit their crowdfunding page and follow Little Wallop Films on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with the production:

Instagram: @littlewallopfilms




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