Conspiracy Theorists Lie film review


Directed by: James K. Lambert

Narration by: #JamesKLambert

Indie Film Review by: #HarryKing

Conspiracy Theorists Lie film review

Conspiracy Theorists Lie takes the audience back to the assassination of President John. F Kennedy and all the conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting and potential cover up.

The opening 5 minutes is perfect for this film because it sets the atmosphere and the tone of the film with an eerie score which represents the narrative. It also shows how patriotic people were and are of their country however, maintaining the balance the audience will be met with some extremely vocal people who express their opinions loudly and freely to the public and government shouting “Stop the cover up!” and “Liars!” – which does become tense and the audience will get a feeling of anxiousness and apprehension which sets up the rest of the film in a sublime fashion.

One of the best parts of Conspiracy Theorists Lie is the #filmmaker himself – James K. Lambert. The knowledge and resources he delivers to the film is noticed and makes the audience feel like they know exactly what is going on even if they knew next to nothing about the assassination and everything before and after it. The way the film looks is so pleasing to the audience because of the modern way it has been edited with the use of on-screen text being written and most importantly, the film looks professional. There’s a lot of films about conspiracy theories and it is easy for some to be put under the radar due to the lack of professionalism and efficiency. You need to stand out when making a film like this and Lambert has chosen an interesting subject that many people may not have a whole lot of knowledgeable information about. I can see Lambert making more documentaries like this because he has shown here that he has the ability to make intriguing and exciting indie films that make the audience look into more after watching it. The further into this film you see just how passionate Lambert is about this subject because of how he gets himself involved at rallies and conducts interviews with people who have their own opinions on the conspiracy.

As this is a movie about past events Lambert is short on footage, he uses the interviews with members of the public to debate on their different stances of how the shooting of JFK actually happened. Other than that, he used old recordings and tapes about the subject and only played the necessary parts for the audience, he used scenes from films like JFK (1991) starring Kevin Costner, so it becomes cohesive in his narrative arc. This shows the capability of his skills in #filmmaking.

The score of the film kept it on beat with the tone of the film, there were tense moments with crowds getting angry which meant the score grew in stature and became this presence that you couldn’t unhear whilst watching because it was so effective.

While this indie title was a success and needs to be viewed, it did go on for a little longer than anticipated and felt that held the overall film back because it didn’t need to be that long and would have benefited more from cutting some scenes and shortening others. I felt like I was hearing some things in repeat throughout the film which could’ve been broken up better for a more eye-opening view on President Kennedy’s assassination.