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Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel Justice

Written and Directed by Mike Mort Review by Monica Jowett

‘The best goddamn cop on the force’, Chuck Steel fights twenty convicts to rescue a hostage who is having his balls kicked repeatedly. This outrageously absurd animation short, Chuck Steel: Raging Balls of Steel Justice, is packed with laugh out loud moments, vibrant characters and wonderfully violent gore.

Stop-motion animation combined with CGI gunfire provides great entertainment as Chuck Steel and his oversexed side kick robot ‘Assface’ fight these twenty convicts with a no nonsense attitude. Reminiscent of the 80’s action schlock and cop dramas, like Lethal Weapon or Beverly Hills Cop, Chuck Steel plays on the character stereotypes and the very quotable lines to make this short film full of explosive action and big comedy.

A huge amount of love and dedication has clearly been poured into the film by writer and director Mike Mort and the talented crew. With traces of Wallace and Gromit, and even Team America: World Police, the details are wonderful; from the permanently cocked eyebrow and the hilarious signs, to the background movements of each individual character. This also results in the often absurd over the top violence being inventive and brilliant. The way each convict has a carefully elaborate death makes it even better. It is definitely a thrill ride, with each moment being crazier than the last as you laugh at the outrageous action and out of place, yet very suitable, gore from this animation short.

You can watch the WHOLE MOVIE right here...


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