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Blurring Man documentary review


Directed by: Matthew Boman

Starring: Elmer, John Law, Matthew Boman

Poster for Blurring Man showing main characters.
Film Poster for Blurring Man.

Get ready for a wild ride! The audience are in for quite an experience in the Western United States, when they go for a road trip, in order to become familiar with the extraordinary event that is the Burning Man. The Burning Man is an event that takes place annually, where thousands of people gather in an isolated location in the desert to socialize and enjoy themselves and the highest point is the burning of a large wooden figure, known as 'The Man'. This takes place on the Saturday evening before Labor Day.

After witnessing such an event himself, filmmaker Boman decided to give a Latin American person living in the States the opportunity to go and see that event, with himself and his film crew, while they film his journey. Boman stated that his motivation for this film was that he was unhappy with the way Latin American immigrants are treated in the U.S. and therefore wanted to give one of them a unique experience and show how great these people are. The lucky one who gets to be the star of the show, ends up being Elmer, an immigrant from El Salvador, living in Los Angeles.

The documentary is rather entertaining to watch and the mood is mostly uplifting. Elmer comes across as very friendly and the viewer will likely have a good time getting to know him and following him around as he meets other people throughout his trip. In addition to this, there are also montage sequences of old footage, depicting individuals coming to San Francisco in search of liberation, the Salvadoran Civil War and various politicians. Editor Boman also makes good use of fast cutting and fast motion techniques.

There are also interviews of individuals with deep knowledge regarding the Burning Man, including one of the co-founders, John Law. All the interviewees provide information that helps the viewer have a much better understanding of the event that this film focuses on.

It is also worth mentioning that the very amusing soundtrack brings great value. Even more, there are brief but very well created animation sequences.

Blurring Man gives a detailed look into the Burning Man, and the life of a simple man, Elmer. There are moments that are a bit uninteresting, but generally it offers knowledge, a good time and shows plenty of likeable people.



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