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A Youth documentary review

Updated: Feb 9, 2021


Directed by: Giorgio Bosisio

Starring: Peyman Fael, Taherh Elahi, Ali Rezai, Iman Elahi

Poster for A Youth showing people on a beach.
Movie Poster for A Youth

A documentary about Afghan refugees, who have ended up in Greece and are contemplating where they are going to go from there.

The main focus is Peyman, a teenager from Afghanistan, who left his country and is now living in Athens with his mother. He enjoys rap and goes out with his friends, who are also Afghans and refugees. He also has a brother currently living in Holland. Peyman relaxes and has fun with his friends, while he waits to see how things are going to turn out for him and his family.

This interesting and moving achievement takes a look into the lives and struggles of refugees and explores themes of family, friendship, national identity and the human spirit's determination not to give up.

The documentary reveals the kind of person Peyman is, the relationship he has with his mother and his friends and how he feels about the world and things that affect him. Although they are not in an idyllic situation, Peyman and his friends appear to be happy and optimistic about the future. They travel aimlessly around Athens, laugh with each other's jokes and are generally having a good time. He has a tender relationship with his mother and they care deeply for one another. His enthusiasm for rapping is clearly present and one gets the impression that is what he wants to do for a living. Generally himself, his friends and relatives are likeable individuals, who are eager to live content lives and the audience wants them to get what they wish. The film also shows Afghan traditions.

Composer Giacomo Carlone makes a significant contribution with mesmerizing music, adding a dramatic feeling to the project.

Bosisio does a fantastic job in capturing the beauty of Athens. There are many establishing shots of buildings, beaches and the Acropolis. He paints an informative and pleasant image of the city the boys are living in. There are well-executed montage sequences and voice-over is used effectively. There are also several shots where the image is pillarboxed.

A Youth offers an insight into the lives of everyday people, forced to leave their country. It examines how they cope and how much they need each other. The mood throughout is generally uplifting, as the boys are constantly smiling and laughing and look towards the future with hope.




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