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Why Did You Tell Me

average rating is 3 out of 5


Amber Jackson


Posted on:

Mar 9, 2023

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Why Did You Tell Me
Directed by:
Louis Findlay
Written by:
Louis Findlay
Louis Findlay, Julie Stevens

Written, directed by and starring Louis Findlay, Why Did You Tell Me is a deeply emotional short film that explores what happens when a couple reach a sudden turning point in their relationship. On the evening of her fiftieth birthday, Carla (portrayed by Julie Stevens) announces unexpected news that changes the course of both her and boyfriend Rory’s future. The viewer is positioned to be a fly on the wall as we feel as though we should not be watching this couple have a very challenging conversation that permanently alters their relationship.


The two characters in this short are Rory, the useless at baking but happy-go-lucky boyfriend, and Carla, an up-tight, career-driven woman who finds herself anxious in a predicament. The two demonstrate an impressive contrast on screen as their personalities are starkly different, yet they clearly adore each other. When Carla’s news reveals a point of tension in their relationship, the two find themselves at a crossroads and cannot decide where to go from that point. The film depicts a tender yet heartbreaking moment as both characters explore a newfound tension and witness an ending of sorts. Whilst it is sad to watch, it feels like the film handles a natural conclusion and is written in a powerfully truthful way.


Without giving too much away, as Carla and Rory both struggle to deal with a conflict that has presented itself, there are some problematic moments that arise that the filmmaker obviously wanted to highlight. Concerning women’s bodies and a woman’s right to choose, these issues are handled very sensitively and arguably in a realistic way. Ultimately, it definitely engages with a wider public conversation about a serious real-world issue and the emotions within the film are not only very raw, but also true to life. It is also interesting to see this type of content presented in a film that not only features a slightly older woman, but also a couple with an age gap and filmmaker Louis Findlay really considers Carla and Rory’s difference of opinion and the emotions that they will both inevitably experience.


Despite pacing being slow and full of dialogue, this short film feels very realistic and like an actual real-life situation. There have been plenty of films released this year concerning similar themes and Findlay’s film fits into this very well. It clearly communicates Carla’s regret for revealing something that she is unable to take back, as well as Rory’s devastation and struggle to accept what is happening. Whilst Carla is self-assured and confident and does not want to feel guilty about the situation, Rory’s reaction may appear immature, but the viewer comes to understand the true feelings behind his reaction and helplessness. Findlay manages to cultivate a feeling of sympathy for both characters even though they are initially frustrated with each other and it makes for compelling viewing.


Why Did You Tell Me is a good watch that makes its audience consider the inner workings of a couple deemed to be socially unconventional, but care very deeply for each other. It is a poignant and thoughtful film that is worth seeing.

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Amber Jackson
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