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Where the noise ends

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 23, 2022

Film Reviews
Where the noise ends
Directed by:
Lee D Barnes
Written by:
Lee D Barnes
Daniel J Mullan

The title of the short film "Where the noise ends" has connotations of continuously trying to find peace within, battling the fears of coping with the outside world. The use of elements like water, music to establish the subject matter of the cinematic piece. The white font used for the name of the film symbolizes innocence, hope, and peace. The writer-director Lee D Barnes has kept the script uncomplicated yet emotionally appealing to the audience. He ensures that the viewers are engaged with the film throughout the run time of the creative piece. The camera work is also handled by Lee D Barnes. The combination of mid shots and close-up shots helps the audience to interact with the two central characters and relate to the storyline and the protagonists. The set design, lighting, costume makeup all the elements are kept simple so that the message of the short film is loud and clear to the viewers.


The premise of the short film revolves around two strangers who are determined to make changes in their lives. What effect will these modifications have on their individual lives as well as the other person is something to watch out for?


Both the actors Daniel J Mullan and Jessica Kewley have played their parts beautifully complementing each other assisting the flow of the screenplay as desired by the director. For me, Daniel J Mullan gives an emotionally gripping performance. The facial expressions, the body language of the actor communicates the mental hardships the character is facing. The struggle of finding one's self-worth is visible.


The makers of the film have shown a shadow on one side of the face of the woman and sunlight on the other. This can have connotations that she is giving a tough fight to beat all the darkness and slowly trying to move towards the light. The editor has cleverly used hands to signify the society or internal demons who want these two people to give in to the pressures of life. The clearing of mist from the glass by the male lead to see his face could indicate that he is exhibiting his identity to the outside world without being fearful about the consequences of the same. The sound of the loud heart-beat, tears, and scribbling on the paper is used to symbolize the fear and pain which elevates the intensity of the subject matter of the film.


The short film highlights the topic of mental health. It motivates the audience to go ahead and talk about it and not treat it as taboo. It also tells the viewers how important basic things like love and support from friends and family become to combat mental illness. It teaches us the valuable lesson of cherishing life and how essential selflessness can be in life.


The conclusion of the film is in open ended format. The interpretation of the film has been left on the individual understanding of the movie as it covers such a sensitive topic.

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