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Under The Influence

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 29, 2022

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Under The Influence
Directed by:
Lucy Regent
Written by:
Lucy Regent
Lucy Regent, Harriet Taylor, Zoe Bullock, Ransome Olds

A mockumentary about two online influencers.


Molly (Regent) and Waverly (Taylor) are a duo who have managed to become celebrities through social media. Now, they have hired a film crew in the hope that it will lead to a reality show deal.


This fun short mockumentary explores a theme that is quite popular today: online celebrities. The half-an-hour-long film follows the two women as they are interviewed by the crew and filmed as they engage in a variety of activities in order to promote themselves and these include making an advert for diet tea, visiting an art gallery and going to a trampoline park. They talk between them and often interact with the crew.


The two influencers have quite different personalities. Molly is clever, determined, down-to-earth and takes things seriously. On the other hand, Waverly comes across as immature, childish but also friendly, cheerful and fun-loving. Almost constantly in a good mood and smiling, Waverly's character is the most entertaining aspect of the film. She tends to say what is on her mind and keeps making embarassing comments. She pretty much represents a standard image of a social media celebrity, as she takes selfies and always seems to want attention.


The film gives an idea regarding what the life of an internet personality is like and what it takes to reach that status.


Special mention goes to the opening credits, which are edited with creativity and are fun to watch.


Basically, this is a satirical view into the world of social media personalities and it does a good job at being entertaining, especially through Waverly's words and actions. The adult and toilet humour might not be for everyone, yet this is still an enjoyable experience.

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Jason Knight
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