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The Super Exciting Gang

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 5, 2023

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The Super Exciting Gang
Directed by:
Ricardo Lorenzo
Written by:
Matthew Brian Cohen
Marcus Ellison, Anthony Carvello, Sabina Almeida, Nora Kaye

A writer joins former associates of his when he discovers that they are planning to make a movie.


David (Ellison) is an artist who created The Super Exciting Gang comic book series whith a group of other people, while they were at college. However, following his departure from the group, they became famous thanks to their (and his) creation. After viewing an online interview of them, where they announce that they are going to make a film based on the comic book, David contacts Murphy (Carvello), the head of the company and inquires whether he could contribute to the screenplay. Murphy accepts his offer to assist in the project and invites him to join the team at a property in the countryside in order to discuss ideas.


This short film tells a humorous story about a reunion and a preparation for a project, both of which do not go smoothly. As David joins the team at an isolated house, a great deal of drama ensues. Other members include Lynn (Almeida), who used to be romantically involved with David, RJ (Thea Garlid) and head writer Trevor (Ian Schulz). These characters have their issues and they apply them to the meeting, creating confrontations. Lynn is deeply affected by police hostility towards African Americans and demands that the film's story addresses social subjects. RJ is going through a crisis with his wife and Trevor locks horns with David as he believes that he is trying to take over his position. Contrary to these individuals, Murphy is laid-back and even childish and David is calm and sensible. There are awkward situations throughout and the atmosphere is supported by Erik Romero's entertaining score.


The title cards that appear occasionally contain comic-book-style animation that looks rather cool and the comic book montage during the closing credits is quite creative and it is accompanied by the song Do You Wanna Dance by Well Wisher, which was a great choice.


By utilising the idea of people getting together for a project, this comedy tells a story about self-expression, inner struggles, infidelity and also looks into the film business and social problems. Overall, it is a fun watch, with clever dialogue and amusing performances, particularly by Carvello.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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