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The Electricity In Me

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Nov 4, 2022

Film Reviews
The Electricity In Me
Directed by:
Matt Sheldon
Written by:
Matt Sheldon
Ellora Torchia

The title of the short film - The Electricity In Me has the connotation of a form of positive energy and a spark possessed by all mothers in the form of motherhood. The writer-director Matt Sheldon showcases how strong, protective, and lovable a woman can become once she transforms into a mother. Sheldon through Joan (Ellora Torchia) pays tribute to all the ladies who endure a lot of mental and physical hardships to bring a child into this world.


The plot of this movie revolves around a young woman who confronts her trauma and memories of the man she calls my monster years after giving up her newborn son for adoption.


The Electricity In Me opens with a series of mid-shots and close-up shots from a video in the hospital and a long shot of small paragraphs from the diary of Joan Stockdale. The close-up shot of the hand and extreme close shot of the woman without revealing the whole face is an interesting way to introduce the central character in the narrative to engage the audience with the content of the dramatic piece. The Electricity In Me has an office set-up with a combination of a white, black, and brown colour palette. The lighting, dialogue, sound, music, costumes, hair, and makeup elevate the subject matter of the film effectively.


Ellora Torchia plays Joan Stockdale, who revisits her memories and trauma related to the birth of her son. Torchia brings out the love, fear, anger, pain, and disgust in a 10-minute monologue wonderfully. The body language and voice modulation used by the actress helps express the varied range of emotions as per the demand of the screenplay.


The Electricity In Me highlights the intricacies of the relationship between a mother and a child as well as a father-daughter duo. It advises the audience to make efforts on building up bonds as it can help fight any rough patch. It also talks about the importance of emotions when it comes to making efforts towards maintaining the various ties in life. The short film is all about the hope of the mother for her son that he would perhaps understand her and forgive her and live together as she wants to make up for the lost time. 

The short film depicts how in earlier days English society believed in taboos like pregnancy without marriage. The story also provides the son a medium to express gratitude to his birth mother for everything she has done for him and also allowing now the grown-up man to grant an opportunity for her voice to be heard by the audience as she wanted to communicate what she felt when she lost her son.


Audiences will appreciate writer-director Matt Sheldon’s dedication to the art of filmmaking and his courage to share a true story based on his personal experiences in life. He has delivered a cinematic piece that enhances people's knowledge about emotional subjects with deft skill.

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