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Surviving A Narcissist

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 18, 2023

Film Reviews
Surviving A Narcissist
Directed by:
Jennifer Bulcock
Written by:
Jennifer Bulcock
Jessica Mann

The writer-director Jennifer Bulcock is very passionate about telling stories of woman who have survived through hard times both emotionally or physically. Bullock uses the combination of white and red font for title of short film - Surviving A Narcissist to showcase the danger looming on the female protagonist (Jessica Mann)of her past that she is trying to deal with daily.


The plot of the movie revolves around a survivor of narcissistic abuse who looks back at her relationship in this poetic journey.


The film opens with a very important disclaimer that adds elements of realism and makes the content even more relatable as well as the audience feels involved with the same. A series of mid-shots, close-up shots and extremely close-up shots are effectively utilised to provide the detailing to the subject matter to emotionally appeal to its viewers in the short runtime of the dramatic piece. The white and grey colour pallet, set design, dim lighting, dialogues, costume, hair, and makeup have been kept natural to shed light to the sensitive topics the movie talks about. The whitish pale colour tone of the short film maintained all through gives a sense of an attempt of destroying the purity, simplicity and innocence of the central character yet the red colour also symbolises anger as well as aggression as the woman fights back strongly. I think the filmmaker has taken an interesting decision of including poetry to communicate the narrative of the life of brave heart so that the creative piece does not bore the audience.


Jessica Mann plays the role of the survivor of the domestic violence who wants to completely come out of this relationship for her wellbeing. Mann gives life to the director’s imagination by utilising the body-language, voice modulation, facial expressions and eyes to portray the physical as well as mental problems the character had to face due to trauma incurred over the years.


Surviving A Narcissist talks about the bad effects of a long- term trauma, abuse, and anxiety on the mental health of the person experiencing it. The cinematic piece reiterates the importance of self believe and also listening to one’s inner conscience is crucial when taking a decision related to self or a loved one. The short film discusses the significance discovering strength a woman possesses and knowing that she shouldn’t give the right to anyone to overpower her in any given situation. Surviving A Narcissist also tells us that false hopes, fake love concerns, verbal or physical fights are some of warning signs one has to be mindful of whenever one gets into a new relationship. It restates that blind trust and overdependence on someone emotionally can give birth to self-doubt. The creative piece highlights that relationships had to be mutually valued, loved and respected and each one should be treated as equals for a happy life together. The film also talks about staying true and finding one’s identity helping females stand against the wrongdoings of the oppressor and giving out a strong message to society with regards to woman empowerment.

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Swati Verma
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