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STI: Sexually Transmitted Introductions

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 25, 2024

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STI: Sexually Transmitted Introductions
Directed by:
Harris Vaughan
Written by:
Harris Vaughan
Wendy Smith, Natalie Lauren, Harris Vaughan, Charles Ruhrmund

As the title suggests, this short is about sexually transmitted diseases.


The story takes place in the waiting room of a Sexual Health Clinic and it concerns a small group of people who arrive at the clinic primarily to have themselves examined. These people include Fanny (Smith), a cheeky elderly woman, Clem (Lauren) a young woman, a young man named Will (Vaughan) and a rather worried homosexual youth named Eddie (Ruhrmund).


The film begins with just Clem and Fanny sitting in the waiting room, before one by one other characters show up, each bringing their own complications, some of which are related to sexual diseases while others involve revelations. It should be mentioned that the protagonists interact with each other because they know each other.


As one might expect, the main subject that is explored in this comedy is sexual diseases and that is done in a comical manner, with amusing dialogue and jokes that are related to that subject. Apart from this, self-discovery is also on the radar and it is explored predominantly through Stan's character (Paul Baichoo).


The amusement that this short provides consists of two things. The first is the well-written screenplay, with the cheeky dialogue and film references and the second is the performances. Perhaps the one that stands out the most as far as the acting goes is Smith with her portrayal of a childish old woman.


Sexual health is mainly what this film is about and for that reason the song Sexual Care by T-Roy McCoy that plays during the end credits was an excellent choice.


This short is a comedy and a rather entertaining one. However, it is obvious that it also aims to raise awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and that would be the main reason why this film deserves attention.

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