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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 10, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Richard Miller
Written by:
Richard Miller
Tom England, Charlotte Ritchie, Ellila-Jean Wood, Joshua Ford

A Professor claims to have found a way to communicate with the deceased.


Ryan Moore (England) is a Science Professor who has constructed a device that can apparently operate like a speaker and enable people who have passed away to speak through it. Part of the device resembles a large circle, which glows like a halo when the device is operating. They answer questions that are typed into the device's system and in order for the right 'spirit' to interact, a relative's DNA is required. Ryan demonstrates his discovery to audiences and amazes and shocks those around him and influences the unstable relationship he has with his wife Emily (Ritchie). Ryan and Emily's daughter Samantha (Wood) went missing a while ago and Ryan decides to utilize his invention in the hope of finding out what happened to her.


This science fiction mystery thriller deals with the afterlife and explores themes of loss, grief and love. The narrative focuses on the relationship between Ryan and Emily and on Ryan's obsession with dicovering his daughter's fate. Things get more tense as he realises that his device may be capable of more than what he thought, causing great drama for him and his wife. There are surprising plot twists and moving moments and flashbacks about Samantha.


England is convincing as an expert and inventor who is well-meaning, but unwillingly ends up creating trouble with his efforts to interact with the deceased. Ritchie is emotional as the wife who has been pushed away by her husband. The couple have their problems, however they care deeply for each other and both are devastated by their daughter's disappearance.


There lighting effects are interesting, particularly when the extraordinary device is put to use. The device itself looks rather sci-fi.


Thomas George makes a great contribution by providing the score. The music is beautiful, mesmerizing, atmospheric and dramatic and assists in creating the right emotions.


On the surface this is a science fiction film, although it deals mostly with obsession. It follows a man's determination to know what became of his child, ignoring other matters. From the very first scene, the movie captures the viewers attention and manages to keep the suspense going throughout, even though the ending may not be a very satisfying pay-off to some.

Repeat is now available digital platforms, from Trinity Creative

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