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Naked Zombie Girl is Back

average rating is 3 out of 5


Rob Jones


Posted on:

Mar 24, 2023

Film Reviews
Naked Zombie Girl is Back
Directed by:
Rickey Bird Jr.
Written by:
Rickey Bird Jr.
Robbie Allen, D.T. Carney, Nicole Cinaglia

Naked Zombie Girl is Back is more or less what can be assumed of it from its title, but there is a slight twist on the grindhouse formula that makes this an interesting film in its own right. The purpose of it all is like any other film of this style, it’s an absurdist horror where we get to laugh at the ridiculous ways in which a zombie can be neutralized. But in its own way, it’s also a bit of a superhero movie. Our central character is a vigilante who protects those around her and gives us all the hope that everything will be alright. Just in this case, she’s a naked woman wielding a chainsaw.


It should be credited for a couple of things - it knows exactly what it is and it’s also got an admirable sense of ambition. Most of the effects are practical, and although they’re clearly limited in terms of budget, the schlocky block splatters are just about funny enough to get away with their shortcomings in the name of humour. There are some inventive set pieces where body parts bulge and Naked Zombie Girl herself is shown as having a silly amount of strength, but that’s the point. It’s all in the name of crafting a fun experience, and that’s largely what it achieves.


The often-quoted line from Martin Scorsese that compares Marvel movies to theme park rides is applicable to this one, but that’s all it ever tries to be. It’s an adrenaline rush that brings a smile and a helping of nausea with it, and it just keeps going until there’s no reasonable doubt that we’ve all felt a combination of the two. It’s the kind of visceral reaction that films like Braindead or Hobo with a Shotgun manage, but they also share an essential feeling that they’re in on the joke with you.


As a sequel to another short film, Naked Girl is Back is apparently made with the hopes of attracting a commission for a full-length feature film. If it happens, it will surely be a limited theatrical run taking place in cinemas which stay open a bit later than most mainstream chains, but that feels like the perfect setting to experience what this offers.

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