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Let the Wrong One In

average rating is 3 out of 5


George Wolf


Posted on:

Mar 31, 2022

Film Reviews
Let the Wrong One In
Directed by:
Conor McMahon
Written by:
Conor McMahon
Karl Rice, Eoin Duffy, Anthony Head

First off, someone has earned a victory lap for that title, Let the Wrong One In. It’s perfect. Five words, and we instantly expect this film to be about vampires, and we expect it to be silly.


Done and done.


Writer/director Conor McMahon, the Irish goof behind Stiches and Dead Meat, brings his trademark nuttiness and thick, sometimes caption-worthy brogues to a story of love among the bloodsuckers.

Bachelorette Sheila (Mary Murray) is bitten during her hen party (in Transylvania, no less). Sheila comes home to the Emerald Isle and bites Deco (Eoin Duffy), whose sudden aversion to sunlight and garlic french fries doesn’t go unnoticed by his brother Derek (Jordan Lennon).


“You’re a vampire!”


“What are you insinuating?”


After calling in Dr. Henry (Anthony Head from TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the boys discover that the doc is also a vampire hunter (and train enthusiast) on the trail of his fiance Sheila and her gang of vamps.

There’s a showdown looming between the living and the undead, with McMahon and crew leaving a blood and guts-splattered trail along the way. The effects are low-rent and cheesy, the gags often obvious but always affable, and the nods to Kubrick and Edgar Wright unmistakable.


And if you’re thinking What We Do in the Shadows, this is a slightly different neighborhood. Let the Wrong One In is more working-class, unbridled and often scattershot in its delivery.


But it does end up delivering on the promise of that title, with just enough zany bite to make the lifeless stretches easier to bury.

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George Wolf
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