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Hidden World

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 6, 2022

Film Reviews
Hidden World
Directed by:
Anthony Vazquez
Written by:
Anthony Vazquez
Emily Deforest, Austin Cassel

A woman is left alone in her house after her partner goes on a business trip. She soon discovers that she is not alone.


A young couple live in a large, smart house and one night the man (Cassel) leaves to go abroad for a couple of days for a temporary work assignment. The woman (Deforest) stays at home, with the dog to keep her company. However, a masked intruder breaks in and she finds herself at his mercy. Will she survive?


This short thriller is quite a nail-biting ride that concentrates a great deal on the home invasion genre. The majority of the narrative focuses on the poor woman as she is taken prisoner in her own home by the fiend. He ties her up and gags her and then proceeds to torment her in disturbing ways. When unnoticed, she attempts to free herself and use a mobile phone to call for help. The film begins with normality, showing a seemingly happy couple, with the woman being unhappy that her partner goes of on business trips so often. The atmosphere changes dramatically with the appearance of the intruder, bringing the viewers into a world of despair and danger.


The screenplay does a very effective job in keeping the audience at the edge of their seat and the unpredictable plot twist will most likely make them want to watch the film again and try to pick up the clues they might had missed before.


As the victim of the villain, Deforest's performance is vital in order for the invasion scenes to be terrorising, and she succeeds at that spectacularly, being very convincing at being hopeless and petrified.


Director of photography Jared Freeman delivers wonderful cinematography and Matthew Newman and Jordan Seah make a great contribution with the music that they provide, which is sinister and tense, accompanying the scenes very effectively.


This twenty-minute-long film is a memorable experience whose greatest strength is creating a dreadful atmosphere. For the most part, it will keep the viewers on the edge and it will then surprise them with the plot twist.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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