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Happy Hour

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 19, 2022

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Happy Hour
Directed by:
Matt Nye
Written by:
Matt Nye
J. Kristopher, June Mandeville, Michael Maino

Three people at a bar have awkward conversations about their lives.


A bartender (Kristopher) and a middle-aged gentleman (Maino) are at the bar of a hotel, chatting. Soon, a woman (Mandeville) arrives and starts interacting with them, leading to uncomfortable discussions.


This short is an intriguing piece of work that is filled with sharp dialogue. The three characters discuss a variety of things, including fruit in alcoholic drinks, the banning of smoking in public places and infidelity. At first, the barman and the male sustomer have a rather innocent conversation and it is the arrival of the woman that changes the atmosphere. She asks both men inappropriate questions, making them uncomfortable and angry and ends up setting off disputes. The mood feels strange and humorous throughout.


The acting is great by all three protagonists and the screenplay explores their principles well. Kristopher plays a professional bartender, with a no-nonsense attitude. Maino's role is that of a friendly, likeable, easy-going person, who is also a bit sensitive. Mandeville's character is an individual who does not easily accept 'no' for an answer and uses her charm to influence others.


The mise-en-scene is rather appealing, with the story taking place at the fancy bar of a hotel and the clothing of the barman and guests is quite smart.


Nye directs very well, creating effective long takes and Jay Lifton and Cait Rappel make a great contribution with the music that includes wonderful jazz.


This film is a story that relies primarily on well-written dialogue in order to have an impact and it succeeds. The conversations are interesting, the acting is strong and the cinematography by Jack Nitz is beautiful, making this short an achievement worthy of commendations.

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