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Between The Scenes

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Dec 21, 2022

Film Reviews
Between The Scenes
Directed by:
Alfa Kakauhe
Written by:
Alfa Kakauhe
Regina Aprilyani

The short film-Between The Scenes tells the tale of what happens between one scene and another. The writer-director Alfa Kakauhe believes in conserving and modernising various cinematic eras, and therefore pays homage to silent films, and Indonesian culture as well as heritage through the young protagonist in the movie.


The storyline of the cinematic piece revolves around the adventure of a young boy who discovers different aspects of life, culture, art, and heritage and rediscovers himself while on this journey.


In the opening scene, the blue clear sky and blue flowing water have a connotation of freedom to express their thoughts and the imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity needed in making the film which deals with such a beautiful subject matter. The dramatic piece takes the play format with a black and white colour palette, and the inclusion of an intertitle and a melodious song in the background provides the audience with the essence of the silent film and the experimental genre. The tilted blurry camera work assists the makers to give the film a push towards the thrill/mystery element to maintain the interest of viewers in the content of the film. The inclusion of paintings and the use of a hand-held camera allows the audience to relate to the movie at the core level. The plot set-design, lighting, costume, hair, and makeup are kept simple as silent films highly depend on the visuals making it the only form of engagement of the viewers with the film.


In terms of performance, for makers to bring any project from the scripting stage to the screen. Regina Aprilyani has managed all the typography and the presentation of the creative to make it more attractive as well as appealing for its audience. The young actor featured in the experimental piece has a lot of responsibility to handle as the continuity and smooth flow of the narrative are important for the understanding as well as interpretation of the movie in the minds of the viewers. A well-coordinated body language, facial expressions, and eye movements with the intertitle on the top by the lad helps the younger lot relate to the story and the character.


Between The Scenes talks about humans respecting and happily coexisting with nature and not destroying it for their selfish needs. The cinematic piece also reiterates that all the different religions followed by humans are man-made and God has not made such dissimilarities. It also teaches us that sometimes one has to find answers to problems within rather than looking for them outside. The short film inspires the viewers to stand up for what they believe to be right for the betterment of both individuals as well as society. Between The Scenes advises the viewers to value life and spend quality time with loved ones as make memories that one can cherish forever. The creative piece discusses the importance of preserving paintings and other art forms so that we can pass on the priceless heritage to future generations.


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Swati Verma
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