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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 10, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Nicole Pott
Written by:
Maia Kipping, Nicole Pott
Zoe Peterson, Eden Brennan, Maisie Done, Alex Montagnani, Sean McGlynn

A schoolgirl follows her love for rapping, while at the same time trying to stand up to bullies.


Ellie (Peterson) is a young black girl who has a great passion for rap music and enjoys practising her rapping skills with her close friend Zoe (Brennan). Unfortunately, she is having trouble with a group of fellow schoolgirls, who are racist towards her and torment her every opportunity they get. Regardless of her issues, Ellie is due to perform at the school talent show shortly and attempts to build up her confidence and put on a great show.


This short drama follows the life of a young person who has a strong passion, but who also faces persecution due to her race. The screenplay explores the joys and challenges that Ellie has. She and Zoe have a very good and friendly connection between them and she also has a positive relationship with her father (Montagnani) and she has a crush on a schoolboy. The bad thing in her life appears to be the bullying she endures by three schoolgirls, the effects of which take their toll on her, forcing her to stand up for herself.


Peterson makes a likeable protagonist and her performance is quite emotional, making the viewer sympathise with her. Brennan's character is her supportive friend, who shares her passion for rapping and other supportive characters include her father and Mr. Moor (McGlynn), a teacher at Ellie's school. As the head of the bullies, Rachel (Done) could be classified as the antagonist and a rather vile individual.


Unsurprisingly, since the heroine loves rap music, there is quite a lot of rapping going on and the songs Dy-Na-Mi-Tee by Ms Dynamite and Superstar by Jamelia, along with the melancholic music by Amy McKnight make for a strong soundtrack.


This is a moving film with great acting, a strong script and it explores a variety of themes, including self-discovery, coming-of-age, bullying, racism, self-esteem, friendship and support. It is an inspiring story that promotes courage and inner strength.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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