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Nimrat Ahluwalia
Feb 02, 2018
In Film Reviews
Transporting you back to 1983, Call Me By Your Name, is a love story like no other. Luca Guadagnino does not take you down Brokeback Mountain’s memory lane, but instead you get to be immersed into the beauty that is Italy. Elio Perlman, an intelligent 17 year-old boy spends his day at his family’s picturesque villa in Lombardy, Italy. Elio, soon meets Oliver, a handsome, but older young man, who is spending the summer as an intern for his father. Over the course of the summer under the beautiful Italian sun, Elio and Oliver partake in a romance that is truly unforgettable. It is important to note that this is not the male version of Blue is The Warmest Colour, even though I am sure that film was an inspiration to all the actors in CMBYN. Truthfully, I did not have great expectations for this film on arrival to the cinema, but was completely blown away by the revelation that is Timothee Chalamet. I really do wonder where this young Daniel Day Lewis look alike has been hiding. It is no surprise that he has received great acclaim for his outstanding performance as Elio,with a SAG,Golden Globe and Oscar nod; I am sure we have only tapped into the surface of an overnight star. Another surprise came with his supporting costar Armie Hammer, who I had last seen in an adaptation of Snow White alongside Lily Collins, which was an unsurprisingly dull cinematic experience. Yet, his calm demeanour and genuine nature as Oliver, was mature and brave alongside Chalamet. Being the older man in the relationship did not make him fit the stereotypical dominant or controlling partner in the relationship, if anything he came across as a lost and found soul for Elio. If you want to see a film about real love that does not include cheesy lines and a kiss in the rain, this is your movie. If you have an appreciation for all things Italian, this is also your movie. The movie is beautifully directed and the idyllic nature of Lombardy comes across on screen, making you want to book a flight to somewhere where the sky isn’t grey and full of clouds. I was lost in awe watching the brilliance of this film, it was heartbreaking and truly set a high expectation for love. Of course, one of the most talked about scenes in the movie is ‘the peach scene’. Personally, I was not taken aback during this scene, if anything it made sense that Elio was a curious young man, who was struggling with identifying with his sexuality. The heartbreak came when you see Elio break down as Oliver attempts to eat the peach that Elio has used, his break down of gratitude. Just when I thought this tear jerking and heart wrenching love story had come to an end, I see Chalamet completely break down and emotionally face the love story he was part of in the final scene of the film, where the credits were rolling. I was shocked to see people leaving, when this was the scene, which I honestly felt made the whole movie a success. Not to mention the absolutely incredible soundtrack, which has also received recognition for its mastery. Nevertheless, I have ‘mystery of love‘ and ‘visions of Gideon’ on repeat and every time I am transported back to the heady Lombardy, where love truly does exist. The only downside of this film is that I am not sure how much this film will appear to the wider public, but I urge you all to see this film! It’s a gift to humanity. The downside? Armie Hammer is not up for an Oscar and Timothee Chalamet has yet to win one. Rating: 9/10