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Uy Hoang-The Man Single Handedly Mapping The Thames

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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 30, 2023

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Uy Hoang-The Man Single Handedly Mapping  The Thames
Directed by:
Written by:
Uy Hoang

The writer-director Jochnowicz attempts to highlight that few new products that have shaped our experiences of the world in modern times providing the necessary details of the same through the male protagonist Uy Hoang to increase the audience engagement with the content.


The plot of the short film-Uy Hoang-The Man Single Handedly Mapping The Thames revolves around Jochnowicz going out to meet Uy Hoang, a public health researcher after he has seen his name online repeatedly on Google street-view and the former has also finished 90 % of the way through with mapping of the entirety of the Thames.


In the opening scene of the film, the camera pans to the central character with the sound of wind in the background followed by the title coming on the screen is a good way to introduce the point of view narrative way of storytelling. The movie takes a form of a narration/ interview format to provide the much-needed personal touch so that viewers feel involved with the inclusion of elements of realism and relatability establishing the subject matter it deals with. The set design, the white, black, grey colour pallet, location, lighting, sound, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props have been kept natural and assist in elevating the impact the key messages leave on the minds of the audience.


In the performance department, Uy Hoang plays himself. He depicts passion as he speaks about Google street-view and all the features related to it and other technology friendly companies like Google and Gmail. Hoang roams around various streets enthusiastically with all his gadgets to discover several issues that require amendments to make the process of journey planning more organised and fun with continuously evolving technology.


Uy Hoang-The Man Single Handedly Mapping The Thames talks about mixing technology as well as travel together to improvise both industries for the end users and it has completely changed our way of remembering the places around us ever since the launch of the Google street-view. The documentary reiterates the importance of taking the initiative to come up with a solution to a particular issue individually rather than depending on others. The movie restates that viewers can fully utilise modern mapping technologies if they have full knowledge regarding the same and help family and friends use it to make their travel plans smoother. The short film discusses the importance of preserving our water bodies that are part of cultural as well as historical significance and common people should be given access to them as human beings should be allowed to relish their beautiful surrounding without being questioned by any authority unless someone’s intention is unlawful.

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Swati Verma
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