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The Barbados Project

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 16, 2022

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The Barbados Project
Directed by:
Stockton Miller, Thomas Burke
Written by:
Stockton Miller
Cherah Belgrave, Brandon Blackman, Ishmall John, Frank Gilkes, Stockton Miller, Dwayne Gibbs

A monstrous entity is terrorising people in Barbados.


This found footage science fiction horror has a tense story that evolves around the idea that a large monster has emerged in Barbados in the late 2010s, creating chaos. After footage appears that apparently shows the creature, a TV crew set off to discover the truth, putting their lives in danger.


The plot bears similarities to the 2008 monster movie Cloverfield, as it concerns a huge monster attacking people. Unlike Cloverfield though, the action is limited, with the screenplay focusing instead on individuals talking about the threat and trying to understand its origins. The TV crew's efforts to learn what is going is the main storyline and the feature is presented as a mockumentary, with news footage of the monster and scenes filmed via smartphones. There isn't really a main character and some of the other characters include a man who appears to have a great deal of knowledge regarding the creature, a scientist and an online influencer. The action primarily takes place during the late 2010s and is briefly moved to the eighties.


The monsters (it is indicated that there are many) look terrifying, deadly and otherwordly and have multiple forms. Their time onscreen is limited and the movie does not provide a thorough explanation regarding where they came from, making their existence more mysterious. The entities are arguably the highlight of the movie.


The image often appears scratched and damaged, giving the impression that the film is genuine. Texts appear regularly, providing information about significant events. Burke also worked on the editing and does a great job. The sound effects are interesting and so is the music.


This hour-long feature is most likely to appeal primarily to fans of the found footage genre. The plot is not very original but is intriguing nevertheless. Still though, the film probably would have gained further if it had shown more of the monsters.

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