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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 15, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Matt Hartley
Written by:
Matt Hartley
Helen Day, Dick Terhune

An unforgettable journey. A journey that explores the magic of space and the wonders of planet Earth. This highly captivating feature is a sci-fi story, which focuses primarily on presenting the narrative through images of space and the nature and civilization that exists on Earth, rather than dialogue.


While on a mission in space, an astronaut named Katherine is contacted by an otherwordly entity that can travel through galaxies with ease. No one can hear this being but her. The apparition speaks with a male voice and takes Katherine on a journey through the universe, showing her stars, colourful tunnels, spaceships, and life on Earth. She is also taken to the dimension from which the entity is from.


This movie is basically an hour-long montage, consisting of fantastic images and was made entirely by utilizing SFX, CGI and stock footage. It begins with the astronaut narrating her life's story, from childhood all the way to ending up where she is now. There are pictures of her as she grows up, showing her experiences and achievements and eventually showing her as an astronaut. From there, the environment is mostly space-related and focuses on the rapport that develops between the heroine and the manifestation. The unknown entity shows Katherine the greatness of her planet and at her request, it takes her to the edges of the universe. There are many images depicting stars, space tunnels and spaceships and when Earth becomes the subject, a series of short scenes is included that shows the evolution of life, from dinosaurs, all the way to skyscrapers.


Besides the photos, the woman is never seen. An astronaut suit is occassionally seen throughout, indicating that is her, traveling through space with the assistance of the entity. The entity never reveals itself and its presence is only through its voice. The conversations they have between them work as a voice-over.


The soundtrack consists of outstanding classical music that accompanies the visuals perfectly. The score is beautiful and at times becomes dynamic or peaceful and listening to it while watching the mesmerizing content is quite an experience.


Shiv Rajagopal was responsible for the editing and did a great job. Praise also goes to Matt Morello for the special effects.


This feature offers a captivating experience and might make one think of 2001: A Space Odyssey. From start to finish it engages the viewer with its stunning visuals and audio and the narrative which involves an astronaut travelling through space with the aid of an extraordinary being, is certainly interesting. It is worth mentioning that there is a surprising revelation regarding Katherine.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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