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If Fire Knew That It Was Finally Ashes, It Would Not Dancing with Pride

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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 15, 2022

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If Fire Knew That It Was Finally Ashes, It Would Not Dancing with Pride
Directed by:
Khashayar Sepehri
Written by:
Khashayar Sepehri

A poor boy begs a man for help, who treats him with cruelty.


This short film from Iran is one-minute-long, yet it contains a great deal of drama.


A desperate-looking boy is walking in a busy street, trying to sell to people papers that predict the future. He encounters a man who has just gotten out of his car and is talking on his mobile phone. The child approaches him and asks for money and in response, the man verbally insults him and even gets physical. The man goes to his workplace and carries on with his day and when he sees the boy resting on his car, he goes to confront him, leading to devastating consequences.


This drama explores themes that involve class conflict, social inequality, poverty, cruelty, indifference and selfishness. It is a hard-hitting look into a life of poverty, seen through the eyes of a vulnerable, unpriviledged child, who is forced to work in order to survive and faces lack of help. The viewer will most likely feel sorry for the boy as he tries to make some money, but to no avail and will probably feel contempt towards the man who treats him like dirt.


In some ways, the boy could represent victims of unfairness and the man could represent the cause of that unfairness, as he comes across as a person with a complete lack of caring for the suffering of others. The film also seems to suggest that if someone chooses to be wicked, then they will get what is coming to them.


Regarding the music, there is a melancholic piano score that accompanies the events quite effectively.


This is a rather short film and it addresses some of the harshest realities of life and it does so with realism. It is a dramatic and moving story with a shocking ending and generally it offers a thoughtful experience.

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Jason Knight
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