Jul 7, 2018

Bigger Dolls Trailer


Edited: Jul 7, 2018



Jul 7, 2018

People have different ideas about what ‘fun’ is.



Norma excitedly helps an unseen child prepare for a party, but another unseen force, Mummy, won’t let them go. The lipstick is too whoreish for a child. Devastated, Norma comes up with a great idea: ‘let’s have our own party’ - on the bed. Norma needs to work with her feelings from years ago to try to save the child, and herself, in a fierce battle between Mummy and Norma’s own desires.

Tailor is looking interesting and nice mean to say if we pay money to watch this complete so it will never go vain but before this, our crew going to watch joker which is releasing soon after that we have to design Halloween leather jacket costume so people celebrate this day with more fun.

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