Mira Sorvina and Sean Astin star in Hero Mode

Mira Sorvina and Sean Astin star in Hero Mode

Jump into Hero Mode, the fun-filled gamer comedy that will keep the whole family (especially the bored teens) entertained. This comedy adventure sees a coding wiz help save his Mum’s struggling firm with a gamechanger of a video game…

Starring Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite, Modern Family) and Sean Astin (Lord Of The Rings, Stranger Things) and inspired by retro video games favourites, A. J. Tesler’s  (Campaign Trail, Magnolia’s Hope) new feature takes us on a thrilling ride into to the world of gaming and shows that dreams can come true for those future games designers.

Teenage genius Troy Mayfield (Chris Carpenter – As Far As The Eye Can See, Amanda And Jack Go Glamping) has been coding since he could talk, and all he wants to do is design his own smash-hit video game. When he’s suspended from school for doing a good deed, his mother – and CEO of Playfield Video Games (Sorvino) – allows him to join the game design team. But being a prodigy who knows it all has its downsides, and Troy must learn that teamwork and listening to those around him are keys to success he had never considered before.

With Playfield Games facing financial difficulty and their lead designer Jimmy (Astin), refusing to cooperate, it’s down to Troy to create the world’s greatest video game to premiere at PixelCon, and he has just 30 days to do it before the company goes under…

Will Troy and the team be able to move past their differences and work together to save Playfield Games?