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October Movie Trailers

Some of you will have started to get excited about Christmas by this part of the cinematic calendar, and that's totally normal. Check back soon for our Christmas film reviews. But by this point, you should be more concern with movie trailers that will be in UK cinemas October 2019.


With Halloween at the end of the month, this can be the best time for studios to pump out horror movies and scary thrillers in order to get bums on seats and popcorn flying through the air. It can also be a relatively quiet time for movie trailers, as the big guns hold their load for the December crowds. Be sure to check all our pages for amazing movie trailers. 



In the event that you do not enjoy these clips, but you would like to view some from indie cinema and short films, head over to our other sections. These can be locatede by navigating under the Movie Trailers drop down menu. Whilst you are there, you may as well check out the rest of the site's awesome film reviews and indie filmmaker interviews etc. 


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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Gemini Man

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