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May Movie Trailers

As well as our unique Film Reviews, we also like to showcase the most exciting movie trailers from this year's upcoming theatrical releases. 


On this page, you can find a small selection of trailers for films coming out in May 2020, from your sci-fi thrillers and gangster movies to superhero blockbusters and documentaries. Please note these movie trailers sometimes contain spoilers or may give you unreasonable expectations as to the quality of the full film. We take absolutely no responsibility whatsoever as to whether these trailers are appropriate to your sensibilities.


If you have a hankering for movies off the mainstream slate, take a look at our other movie trailers pages for shorts and indie cinema. You can find these by looking under the Movie Trailers drop down in the navigation. There you will find some of our favourite trailers from filmmakers around the globe, doing our utmost to support indie films. 


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Black Widow Movie Trailer

Scoob! Movie Trailer

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