Sep 14, 2018

The Last Captain-Trailer


The Last Captain tells the story of Jekelfalussy(Piller) György, better known in the west as George Piller. He was probably the greatest saber fencer of his era. After he retired, he became one of the greatest fencing coaches of all time. Under his guidance, his Hungarian Teams were undefeated at World Championships and the Olympics for two decades. But the Hungarian Uprising and subsequent Russian smashing of the revolution brought that to an end. George Piller fled Hungary and started over in the United States.


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  • My name is Nick Psinakis and I'm independent filmmaker that recently made a $10K indie feature film comedy which is now streaming on AMAZON PRIME. In addition, we had a limited theatrical release in LA.     We were fortunate enough to have appearances by Oscar Nominee RYAN O'NEAL  (Love Story)  as well as MINDY STERLING  (Austin Powers, The Goldbergs).    Below is a link to our trailer. We are a micro-budget operation and are reaching out to the film community for help in spreading the word about our little movie. I hope you enjoy it!
  • After a hard day of work, a businessman, Dean, decides to take a detour from family life to go to his usual kebab shop. There, he encounters a seductive and witty young prostitue, Megan, and the two have immediate chemistry. However, in the dead of night, appearances are never quite what they seem and sometimes blurred intentions trump the mind... What starts as a lovely night of good circumstances might just turn out to be something quite different.