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Chris Rose

I’m a graduate of the University of Birmingham with a degree in Politics, and helped to found the Mental Health and Wellbeing society whilst there. I’m now a Freelance Journalist, writing for a couple of publications and adding my voice to the many on your social media feed. But when I’m not writing about all things political, I’m writing, reviewing and generally loving cinema.

You can’t really go wrong with cinema. There’s no other medium that can make you laugh and scare you senseless; make you cry or make you cheer; make you think or help you to stop thinking. No matter how hard sitcoms, YouTube stars or those annoying-little-5-minute-content-dumps try, cinema is the greatest medium of the modern era.

My favourite films are, in no particular order: Isle of Dogs, Get Out, The Favourite, Fury, The Shawshank Redemption, 1917, No Country for Old Men, and all things Star Wars. Ok, perhaps not all things Star Wars. I may be in the small club that likes the Phantom Menace, but I’ sure we can agree that the Clone Wars is best left in the dark recesses of our memory.

I’m also unhealthily into gaming, kidding myself that I was going to start exercising after University, and have been a drummer since I was a kid.

You can find all my reviews by clicking here.

Chris Rose
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