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Bruna Foletto Lucas

Back in Brazil my undergrad was in Filmmaking. Upon graduating, I worked on short films and feature films, some of them went on to win awards in international and national festivals, which of course meant I became a celebrity. No, it meant that the films I’d worked on had some notoriety in niche communities. But it was enough to make a living. I’d been working at a film production company for a year when I decided I needed to make a choice – either further specialise myself in either production or in direction, or change completely. I decided on the latter. And, as much as I loved working with cinema, I didn’t want to be behind the cameras anymore, I wanted to be in front of the screen.

I moved to London in 2016, completed a Master’s in Film Studies (Kingston University of London) and started volunteering everywhere I could (Film London, British Independent Film Awards). Since my passion is horror films, anything horror related I was there (London Horror Festival, London Horror Society). And through those experiences and my MA, I started writing and slowly started creating a network.

My style of writing tends to be positive. Having worked on indie films I know the struggle filmmakers face, so I am not the first one to pick up on their flaws. But moreover, because I have an academic background and intend on starting a PhD in Film soon, I write academic articles, as well.

You can follow me on Twitter (@Bruna_FinalGirl) to find me ranting about nonsense stuff or on Instagram (@foletto.b) to see more nonsense stories.

Bruna Foletto Lucas
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