Robert Stayte

I have always loved movies from a young age, but once I went to college and university, I started to engage with the medium more through studying it. This studying came from writing essays about films in many ways and writing and directing a couple of shorts as well. Beforehand, I was a fan of several critics and became interested in making my own reviews. I officially started writing for my University magazine in 2018, covering many new releases as the two years went by and improving my writing skills. After looking for another magazine to move onto, I found this one, which looks like it'll be the next step in legitimacy and a good path to continue doing something I love doing.

I like to be as honest as possible in my reviews, but I'm always aware of objective qualities as well. I love any kind of film and I only have a few genres that I'm not fond of. Those include Brit feel good movies, rom-coms and dry period pieces. Some of my favourite movies include Jaws, Reservoir Dogs, Back to the Future, Stand by Me, Vertigo, Whiplash, Heat, Sicario and Mandy.