Sarah Smeaton


What I love most about film is the chance to escape, even for just a couple of hours (or sometimes minutes) into another world, with people you would perhaps never associate with or even meet. My love of film began at a very early age when having two older brothers meant my favourites quickly became Rocky (three being the winner hands-down) and the Terminators over Disney and Rom Coms. My interest in film was further developed at uni, where studying a module on Australian Literature and Film made me crave film that wasn’t afraid to step out of enforced boundaries. The stereotypes that Hollywood churn out lost their appeal and I began to crave the kooky and brave. Nowadays, give me a dark plot, with in-depth characters who have many, many levels and I’m there. I’m a sucker for gangland films and psychological thrillers, and love discussing theories and different viewpoints almost as much as I enjoy the viewing.

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