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Vamos Carajo

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jul 29, 2023

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Vamos Carajo
Directed by:
Harsh Gupta
Written by:
Bella Kouds, Harsh Gupta, Juan Teisaire, Dhwani Shah, Isa Ebrahim
Bella Kouds, Amit Barnathan, Dhwani Shah, Harsh Gupta

A short film about the lives of several different individuals and the things that unite them.


Over the course of less than three minutes and operating like a montage, this film introduces the characters one after the other with brief scenes that provide an insight into their lives, reaveling the highs and lows. It begins with a young woman performing an audition, tap-dancing in front of a judge and things do not seem to go well. Then a young couple enter an elevator and have a quarrel. An online celebrity struggles to get his work done. A woman trains hard in a gym, eager to lose weight. Two guys play football in a park. A guy is in an undergound train. Rather different activities involving people who appear to be unrelated to each other.


'Vamos Carajo' translates into 'Come On Damnit' and that appears to be significant towards the end. All the people mentioned above come from various walks of life, yet they all end up in the same bar, watching a football match, socialising, laughing and cheering. All the sequences that deal witheach one's circumstances are rather different from one another, with every person having their own problems and goals. And then, things become similar for all of them, as they find themselves at the same location and experiencing similar uplifting emotions and to make things even better, it is Christmas and there are Christmas trees to cheer everyone up. Hence, the title could suggest that people should be joyful because life is wonderful.


Director Gupta also worked on the editing and does a great job, cleverly utilising match cut techniques. Composer Anuraj Bhagat makes a substantial contribution with the score, which includes jazz and uplifting piano melodies. And the addition of a well-known Christmas song is a significant plus.


The main message of this short appears to be that no matter how different people's lives are, they can still be united by common things, and in this case, that thing seems to be joy, as (as the end reveals) it is joy that brings them together and helps them forget their troubles.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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