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The Storm

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Apr 30, 2024

Film Reviews
The Storm
Directed by:
Ben Owusu
Written by:
Ben Owusu, Anna Hanson Segbefia, Dee William
Ama K. Abebrese, Adjetey Anang, Fiifi Coleman, Luckie Lawson

Crime is getting out of control in a country in Africa and some people are determined to fight back.


This feature thriller from Ghana tells a story that explores the underworld in Accra, a story with criminals, murder, kidnapping, corruption and a fight for justice.


Accra is suffering devastatingly from the criminal activities of gangsters. Detective Danso (Anang) and Detective Lynn (Abebrese) are two honest members of law enforcement and Milly (Lawson) is a social advocate for protection for youngsters against crime. The lives of these characters are dramatically affected by the brutal killing of a teenaged boy and the kidnapping and murder of three young women, one of which was Milly's niece.


The narrative basically follows Danso and Milly as they try hard to combat crime and corruption in their city, encountering dangerous crooks and gorvernment corruption. Danso is determined to find those responsible for the death of the teenager, assisted by sensible and methodical Lynn and often coming into conflict with the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Edinam Atatsi). Milly campaigns for the government to take action against criminals and becomes quite a celebrity, appearing on television and becoming a rival for the country's President (Edward Agyekum Kufuor). Danso and Milly are putting their lives at risk and must be very vigilant if they are to be safe and succeed.


There are plenty of characters here, ranging from cold-blooded killers and lowlifes to members of law enforcement and politicians. Milly and Danso are arguably the ones who get the most support from the viewer, as they are risking everything for justice.


This feature could be categorised as a crime film and a political thriller and also as a commentary about crime and corruption in Africa. As a viewing experience, it manages to be interesting, thanks to an intriguing plot and a strong performance by Lawson.

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Jason Knight
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